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Abandon Inn Crystal Guide

The following is the correct way to identify the magical & phtsical properties of materials

with the Abandoned Inn magic crystal. Hold the item in your left hand, then touch the

crystal with your right. You can find out what  the items particular physical or enchanted

properties by checking the corresponding meaning   listed on the right.

For Armor

Visual cue Meaning

Shadow Cursed

Low resonant tone Crit-padded

Deep bass tone Damage-padded

Red beam +5 bonus

Orange beam +10 bonus

Yellow beam +12 or +15 bonus

Green beam +17 or +20 bonus

Blue beam +25 bonus

Indigo beam +30 bonus

Violet beam Above +30 bonus

Shrill piercing note Wizard Enchantment

For Shields

Visual cue Meaning

Shadow Cursed

Green beam No bonus above the natural +20

Blue beam +5 bonus above the natural +20

Indigo beam +10 bonus above the natural +20

Violet beam Anything higher than +10 bonus above the natural +20

For Weapons

Visual cue Meaning

Silver nimbus holy (any type of bless or sanctify)

Pure high note Voln or pure-potion blessed or normal bless.

Shrill piercing note Elemental crits

Low mellow tone Defender weapon

Low resonant tone Crit-weighted

Deep bass tone Damage-weighted

Shadow Cursed

Red beam +1 to +5 bonus

Orange beam +6 to +10 bonus

Yellow beam +11 to +15 bonus

Green beam +16 to +20 bonus

Blue beam +21 to +25 bonus

Indigo beam +26 to +30 bonus

Violet beam +31 bonus and above

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