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Cleric Spells

spell: 0301
name: Prayer of holding

description: The Prayer of Holding spell allows a cleric to interfere with
the evil controlling principle of an undead creature for a
time. This can render them in a "sleep like" state (although
they do not fall down) for the period of its duration.

The duration of the hold is based on the amount of energy a
cleric can gather and the power of the creature target.

Mana costs is proportionate to half the target level
(max 20).

spell: 0302
name: Repel undead

description: The Repel Undead spell is the mainstay of the cleric's
weapons against the undead. This spell allows the cleric
to dispatch an undead being.

A spirit warding is required. If successful, the creature
attempts to run away. If this is not possible the creature
may shake the spell or may simply disintegrate. If the
undead fails the spirit warding badly enough, it may
disintegrate anyway.

Mana costs is proportionate to half the target level
(minimum 2/maximum 25).

spell: 0303
name: Prayer of warding

description: This spell increases the moral fortitude of the target,
allowing for greater resistance to attacks of various forms.

The defensive benefit is +5DS plus +1DS per cleric spells
known beyond 303 (Max +20DS). Mana costs are proportionate
to benefits (3 base mana +1/bonus).

spell: 0304
name: Holy blade

description: Undead creatures are immune to many forms of physical attack.
Normal weapons will not harm an undead creature other than
to make ugly, but harmless, gashes. A cleric can use the
use the Holy Blade spell to bless the weapon and imbue it
with the ability to harm the undead.

This spell works on most weapons, however imperfections can
cause a blade to be rendered unstable by this blessing. A
cursed weapon cannot be blessed and often the resulting clash
of diametrically opposed energies may prove catastrophic. A
learned cleric's blessing may offer holy water crit ability.
Also, certain magical weapons may be blessed if the casting
cleric has great knowledge of their base spell list.

spell: 0305
name: Preservation

description: This spell will prevent the soul of a fallen comrade from
departing for the duration of the spell. This is useful when
preparing for a resurrection or finding a higher level cleric
capable of helping.

spell: 0306
name: Holy bolt

description: In the service of their gods, a cleric is able to conjure
a stream of purified holy water and direct it against a
a target. Living or dead, the target amount of damage is
dependant upon the clerics aimed spell ability vs the
target's defenses. However, undeads are known to have an
extra susceptibility to the holy water's effects.

spell: 0307
name: Benediction

description: The favors of the gods are often sought and are often
granted thru their faithful servants. Benediction permits
the cleric to garner his/her god's favor and impart such
benefits to those around them. Wherewith goes the cleric,
so doth the favors of the gods.

The cleric may impart +5AS and +5DS to all those joined. The
learned cleric may succour more favors to gain +1AS and +1DS
per known cleric spells beyond 307 (Max +15AS/DS) at a
proportionate increase in mana costs (7 base mana +1/bonus).

spell: 0308
name: Well of life

description: Sacrifice is a well known trait of clerics. By this spell,
the cleric can channel his/her spiritual force to replenish
another character. The amount of transfer is based on the
caster's mana transfer skill and other subtle factors. The
spell will not permit the caster transfer such that he/she
dies; meaning that the cleric will always have at least 1
spirit point left. This is a very taxing and arduous
endeavour for the cleric and some recuperation will be
required after a successful transfer.

spell: 0309
name: Neutralize curse

description: By gathering the favor of the gods, a cleric may nullify a
curse and place it in abeyance for a short period of time
(10sec/level). Once the spell's duration wanes, the curse
will return.

spell: 0310
name: Warding sphere

description: Mastery of this spell enables the learned cleric to not only
extend the benefits of the warding spell to those nearby but
also increase its effectiveness.

The spell offers +10DS and +1DS per cleric spell known beyond
310 (Max +40DS). Mana costs are proportionate to benefits
(10 base mana +1/bonus).

spell: 0311
name: Blinding

description: This spell causes the image of the cleric's deity to be
superimposed over him/herself. This vision will blind the
target causing it to be stunned for the duration of the

Spell: 0313

Name: Prayer

Description: By petitioning the gods through prayer and reverent communion, the cleric gains a modicum of protection to ward off spells and a bit of 'luck' to deal with maneuver attacks.

Duration is 30sec/level.

Spell: 0314

Name: Interdiction


Description: Clerics are the masters of channeling mana. By the grace of their gods, the cleric may sanction the target's ability to harness mana thereby depriving them of their magic for the duration of the spell. The duration is 5sec per number of cleric spells known.

The target will lose mana in proportion to the cleric's effectiveness (base spell knowledge) until the target runs out of mana. And will remain thus for the duration of the spell.


Spell: 0315

Name: Remove curse

Description: This spell will completely dispel a curse from an item. This spell has limited abilities; sometimes objects contain curses so set into the fabric of the object that it cannot be removed. Sometimes removal of a curse will also destroy the other powers of the object but occasionally these two elements are independent and this may leave behind a useful item. There is always a chance this spell will fail in unpredictable ways.

Spell: 0316

Name: Atonement

Description: By their will and dogma, the cleric can invoke this spell to consign their target with guilt and remorse as to overwhelm their sensibilities. Thus encumbered, the target will hesitate in their actions from doubt, or retard their attacks from endless deliberations.

spell: 0317
name: Zealot

description: To those who follow the true path.. there can be only
one Way. Any other choice is heresy. Thus are borne
the zealots whose minds and actions are solely dedicated to
enforce 'righteousness' of their enlightenment upon the
world. For their singlemindedness, these clerics are
imbued with great strength and conviction. Life is a mere
trinket to idly toss aside in the service of their divine

spell: 0318
name: Life restoration

description: This is a higher version of 312, but draws more favor of
the deity to soften the impact on the caster and the one
being raised. The caster loses 50% of their maximum spirit
points and the target is restored to 10% of their maximum
spirit points and health points.

spell: 0319
name: divine wrath
mnemonic: divinewrth

description: Truly is the faithful servant rewarded by their diety's
attention. By invoking their god's name, the cleric may
summon the fury of their divine master to smite down the
undeads before them.

spell: 0320
name: Exorcism

description: TBA

spell: 0325
name: sanctify
mnemonic: sanctify
description: TBA

spell: 0330
name: Prayer of communion

description: Upon reaching this level in the cleric spell circle, the
cleric is able to cast a commune spell in order to contact
his/her deity. Casting this spell requests the presence of
the deity who may or may not respond. If the deity does not
respond, most of the mana points consumed by this spell are
returned to the caster within a few minutes.

spell: 0350
name: Ressurection

description: The highest level spell for a cleric is the ultimate
resurrection spell. It will raise a character from the dead
with a loss of only 25% of the target's spirit points by the
casting cleric. The deity supplies most of the work. In fact
the target will be restored to 50% of their spirit and
health points as well.

The spells and their descriptions have been listed for your information. All spells have been listed for completeness and do not imply that all have been modified.

Group effect spells require the cleric to be present or the effects will dissipate. Whether or not the cleric is required to be the party leader is still being determined.

All appropriate spells have a maximum cap of 120 minutes. I may adjust the cap at my discretion depending on system resource limitations.

All appropriate spells are refreshable but do not accumulate.

Spell availability: it'll be ready, when it's ready.

GM Ophion, cleric guru

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