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Lord Jabbu's

Cleric Guide


I am, in no way an expert on playing Clerics. The following should help you avoid some of the problems I've encountered when playing my Cleric. This guide should help you become a great rezzer, at the expense of being a so-so fighter.

Lord Jabbu

P.S. This information on this page was submitted by Lord Jabbu Thesar, the 47th level Cleric, and was formated into HTML by myself (Mageman). Lord Jabbu had the final say on placement of all the information placed here.

Race and Stats

You have mainly 2 choices for the race of your Cleric (Giantman or Dwarf). I personally am a giantman. Dwarfs gaint SP {spirit points} faster then giantman, But if you pick a dwarf, you'll find your self with a 300 pound giantman and you won't be able to drag him/her. The stats should be placed in the following order (from highest to lowest) to maximize character effectiveness:

Stat Placement

If you are gonna be mainly hunting and rezzing, train in this order: Strength (ST) Aura (AU) Wisdom (WI) Discipline (DI) Reflex (RE) Logic (LO) Intelligence (IN) Dexterity (DE) Constitution (CO) Charisma (CH) If you gonna mainly rezz and hunt every now and then train in this order: Aura (AU) Discipline (DI) Wisdom (WI) Strength (ST) Reflex (RE) Intelligence (IN) Logic (LO) Dexterity(DE) Constitution (CO) Charisma (CH)


Deciding what to train in is always difficult because there is so much to choose from and never enough training points to do it all. I've decided to break it down into 3 catagories (Need To Train In, Nice To Train In, and Wish I Could Train In). As you gain levels, you will "fill up" some of the things to train in and will have more points to spend in other areas. I've also set the order (from highest to lowest) of what you need to train in, as training points will allow.

Need To Train In

Spell Research (train twice EVERY LEVEL forever) - by second level, you should have second level spells in all three areas (Minor Spirit, Major Spirit, and Cleric). It depends on which type of Cleric you want to be as what you train in after second level.

Mainly Rezzing, occasionally fighting;

3rd level: Train in Major Spirit (to get Manna Bread) and Cleric.

From 4th level to 16th level: Train in Minor Spirit and Cleric.

17th level and beyond: Minor Spirit and Major Spirit.

Mainly Fighting, occasionally Rezzing;

From 3rd level to 15th level: Train in Major Spirit and Cleric.

16th level: Train in Minor Spirit and Cleric.

17th level and beyond: Train in Minor Spirit and Major Spirit.

Mana Share (train twice every level until skill=102, then once every level until skill=200) - Mana is always in short supply. You need a high skill to compensate for those with a low skill in sharing. NOTE - you will need a skill of 102 to successfully rezz at 12th level (you should have the skill of 102 at 11th level if you double train every level, including zero).

Physical Training (train twice if you can, always train at least once a year!) - this will increase the amount of health you "regenerate" every round after you maximize your health.

First Aid (train twice every level forever) - This will allow you to bandage yourself and the deaders bleeders! Higher skills allow you to do more serious wounds and reduce the time it takes to successfully bandage an area. This will also help your skinning skill.

Shield Use (train once every level forever) - this will decrease the chance of you getting hit if you have a shield in your left hand.

Weapon Use (train once every level forever) - this increases your chance of hitting, and also will decrease the chance of you being hit if you use a more defensive stance and have a weapon in your right hand. Edged weapon is prefered (as there are a lot more of them out there), although you could choose Blunt (and costs one less physical training point). Once you've chosen Edged or Blunt, train in only that one.

Nice To Train In

Perception (try to train in this every level) - this decreases the chance of some young rogue stealing from you, increases the amount of treasure you find if you decide to kill for a living, and will help you find special places to go.

Armor Use (try to train in this occasionally until skill is 40) - the best armor you should wear is Double Leather, as better armor will reduce the chance of your spells working. A skill above 40 is useless unless you plan on wearing some armor other than Double Leather.

Swimming (try to train in this occasionally until skill is at least 25) - this will help you enter water without drowning.

Climbing (try to train in this occasionally until skill is at least 25) - this will help you move around in rough terrain.

Scroll Reading (try to train in this occasionally) - this will help you use the scrolls other people give you as tips.

Magic Item Use (try to train in this occasionally) - this will help you use those wands you get as tips.

Spell Aiming (try to train in this occasionally) - this will help you use those Elemental based wands.

Wish I Could Train In

Stalking and Hiding - this will improve your chance of hiding from the monsters.

Ambush - attacking monsters while hidden (you jump out of hiding to attack, increasing your chance of hitting and doing more damage when you hit).

Trading - this will increase the amount of money you get when you sell stuff in the stores and decrease the amount of money you spend when buying stuff in the stores.

Combat Maneuvers - this will slightly increase your attack and defense from monsters.

Hunting and getting experience.

A cleric has a nice command, 'meditation' this give the cleric 4 times the experience absorbtion so in a node you get 4x plus 2x and get your mind from 'must rest' to 'clear as a bell' very fast, you must be in a node or sancturied room for this to work (Wehnimer's Town Square Center and Icemule Trace's Town Center are good for this).

  1. Level(s) What to Fight

0 Run around town go in everyshop and building and just go in, run outside town gates healers tent and the catacombs.

1 Hunt rats. Once your mind 'must rest' goto the Inn (in Wehnimer - Thrak's Booth, in Icemule Trace - Trevor's Sitting Room) listen to him and answer his questions, then back to rats!

2 to 4 Keep hunting those rats!

5 Buy a white blade (in hands of cleric is 'perma-blessed') and goto RR (River Rest) and hunt zombie roltons, crabs, ghouls.

6 Keep hunting zombie roltons, crabs, ghouls

7 to 9 Goto the bone golem and firephatom area in RR, and use 307 and if you get a 150 on the finished roll they will die. The bone golem are very hard to kill, the firephatoms always got my mind to 'must rest'.

10 to 11 Stick with bone golems, they'll be easier to hit and there rich!

12 Ahh, you did it! Rezz rezz rezz!

Rezzing Notes

Ok finally your level 12 and have 312 raise dead spell! now what!?.Hopefully by now you have 102 in your mana sharing skill. With 312, you MUST have 75% of your targets Max spirit points (SP). You can find out of many spirit points a person has at anytime by APPRAISE . So, if the deader has a SP of 9, you in turn must have at least 7 spirit points to rezz him (as you will lose 6). If you don't have the necessary SP and rezz anyway, you will die and decompose on the spot (and if you have exactly 6, you will successfully rezz, but you will still die - they will be happy, you won't). No depart needs to be entered by you, 2 deeds will be taken from you, an you will lose A LOT of experience points as a penalty.

Ok so your still asking how do l rezz? try this:

Say your in TSC with a deader, type 'guild' then ask 'Are there any other raising clerics here?' if no one responds in about 30-45 seconds then you can go ahead...

And if someone does respond, ask 'Are you on 'deader'?' if the reply with a 'no' goto the instructions and of course if they reply 'yes' then say ok and maybe ask to get in the 'rezzing line'.

Life Keep (commonly refered to as LK) the body using spell number 305.

Get yourself and the body to a safe place.

Appraise the body (to get the body's SP count)

Check your SP {spirit points}.

Diagnose the body. (tend ALL bleeders, and make sure there fully tended) or ask an Empath to take the wounds.

Check your mana.

Check your SP, check your SP, check your SP over and over again.

Diagnose the body. Check for any leaking bleeders. If you rezz the person and they have a leaking bleeder, they'll quickly die again (and won't be happy with you).


Spirit points and the bodys

Using spell 312 {raise dead}

The Body's SP: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2


SP you lose: 7 6 6 5 4 3 3 2 2


SP you should have: 8 7 7 6 5 4 4 3 3

Using spell 318 {life restoration}

The Body's SP: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2


SP you lose: 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1


SP you should have: 6 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2

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