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Herbs - Tarts - Ales

 To Heal:  Common herb  Icemule Tart  Teras Isle Ale
 10 HP Acantha Leaf  An Iceberry Tart  Olak's Ol'Style
 Minor Nerve Wound  Wolifrew Lichen  Leaftoe Lichen  Orc's Head
 Major Nerve Wound  Bolmara Potion  Snowflake Elixir  Kenar's Dropjaw
 Minor Nerve Scar  Torban Leaf  Ma Leaftoe's Special  Miner's Muddy
 Major Nerve Scar  Woth Flower  Flower-Shaped Tart  Dacro's Dream
 Minor Limb Wound  Ambrominas Leaf  Dabbing Family Spec.  Lost Dogwater
 Major Limb Wound  Ephlox Moss  Frog's Bone Porridge  Golden Goose
 Minor Limb Scar  Cactacae Spine  Elf Fat Gel  Bearded Ladies'
 Major Limb Scar  Calamia Fruit  Walrus Blubber  Mad Mutt Frothy
 Minor Head Wound  Rose-marrow Potion  Elk Horn Potion  Semak's Smooth
 Major Head Wound  Aloeas Stem  Ram's Bladder  Dark Swampwater
 Minor Head Scar  Haphip Root  Sparrowhawk Pie  Agrak's Amber
 Major Head Scar  Brostheras Potion  Polar Bear Fat Soup  Reaper's Red
 Minor Body Wound  Basal Moss  Tundra Grass  Mama Dwarf's
 Major Body Wound  Pothinir Grass  Musk Ox Tart  Aged Schooner
 Minor Body Scar  Talneo Potion  Rock Lizard Potion  Gert's Homemade
 Major Body Scar  Wingstem Potion  Earthworm Potion  Wort's Winter
 Missing Eye  Bur-clover Potion  Starfish Potion  Volcano Vision
 Missing Limb  Sovyn Clove  Rock Ptarmig   Feather   -
 Up to 50 HP  Cuctucae Berry   -  Bloody Krolvin
 Up to 50 HP  Cothinar Flower   -  Bloody Krolvin
 Up to 50 HP  Yabathilium Fruit   -  Bloody Krolvin
 Turn off thought nets  Tkaro Root   -   -

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