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How To Make Iron

By Klickzaph


Slabs of iron can be sold to the blacksmith, or to people who need them for other reasons, like Voln. The blacksmith pays only 100, while other plays usualy pay 300-500. The highest I have ever got was 750, but I heard one guy offered 5000! It is made in the mines and can be done by a very low level player. If you can withstand kobs, then you can make iron. The map is page 8 of Weinhimers maps. The room is on the far left side of the map, just past the door. Thanks to for telling me step 16 of making the iron. Now instead of making one or two slabs of iron, you can make four!

The Ingrediants:

To make the iron, you need three ingredients, charcoal, ore, and oil. Sometimes these can be found in the Cruc room, where the iron is made. However, it is usually best to make it for yourself, just to be safe.

To Make Coal:

This one is probably the hardest of the three. You will need to go to the wood burner. It is on the mine map (page 8). Sometimes the wood will be lying around and you can just pick it up, other times you will need to GET WOOD untill you get the piece you want.

get tinder

put tinder in burner

get log

put log in burner

get stick

get stick (you need two sticks so you can start the fire like the olden days)

rub stick

wait (you will need to wait a while until the fire goes out)

get charcoal

To Make Ore:

The ore is made in the workface, which is at the bottom level of the area on the very left side of the map. Then go south, so you are at the workface. Then type "search workface." Easy as pie. You will need five pieces. If you have been underground for a while then you will need to search a lot because your eyes are weak from the light.

To Make Oil:

After you go through the shadows, go down, down, north, and then search. Then get oil. It's even easier then getting ore.

The Kobold Mines, Crucible:

Usually there will be a line. Just walk in and ask, "Who is the last person in line?" Then simply state, "I am behind so-and-so." When it is your turn, follow these steps:

turn valve (so it is closed)

put ore in cruc (you will need to be holding the ore)

put char in cruc (you will need to be holding the charcoal)


pour oil in drum (you will need to be holding the oil)

pull chain

pull bellows


turn valve


pull chain

pull bellows

pull chain

pull bellows


when the slab "Crackles and pops" (Rice Krispees), put ore in cruc (4 times)(you will need to be holding the ore each time)

wait till it says the slab of iron is cool enough to handle (it will take about 5 minutes)

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