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Sorcerer Spell Circle

Important Policy Note:

Simutronics policy is that GemStone III is an ever-evolving game which contains many areas left open for expansion and change. Each spell circle documentation (such as this) represents only the original intent of the spell circle design. Due to various factors of implementation, game balance, and available resources, the actual spell implementation MAY differ. In addition, not every spell listed may be implemented, as the construction of GemStone III's world and mechanics is an on-going process.

This file will be updated, from time-to-time, to reflect the latest implementation of each spell circle. In addition, the spells which are currently implemented will be specified. An ongoing discussion of these spell circles is held in the GemStone III message board categories.

Unlisted Spells

Spell levels not listed are areas that must be learned to progress through the spell circle, but do not earn any spell when doing so. This occurs at the higher regions (thus more difficult portion) of the spell circle.


Spells 1-13 and 15-20 are implemented as of 6/23/97.

References to the engagement system (such as, "only when engaged") do not apply prior to its implementation. Some spells will be more useful when the engagement system is implemented but will still have utility prior to that date.


Mana Disruption


Causes the target to suffer bone and tissue damage as if it had fallen a long distance. If the target fails its spirit warding by (1-5), it takes a Rank 1 impact injury; (6-10) = Rank 3; (11-20) = Rank 5; (21-30) = Rank 7; 31-up) = Rank 9.  There may be additional internal damage done (health points), which will be relative to the severity of the injury.




DURATION: 15 seconds

The target will forget whatever spell it is presently preparing or has prepared (prior to casting) and will not be able to cast again for the duration of the spell. If the target does not have a spell warmed (or warming) when the forget spell is cast, then the target will be incapable of casting for the duration of this spell.

This spell is extremely hard to resist.




This will momentarily cause an object to 'fade' from existence, allowing the sorcerer to pass through it briefly. This allows the caster to pass through most forms of doors, reach into closed containers and perhaps remove the contents, and in some cases will allow passage through magical portals.

NOTE: Due to the extremely short duration of this spell, only the caster will be able to manipulate the phased objects.


Break Limb


One of the target's limbs snaps painfully, breaking it. If the limb is a leg, the target will fall, and if the limb is an arm, what is being carried by that arm/hand will fall to the ground. (Note: item droppage takes place only if the spell is cast by a creature.)


Mind Jolt


DURATION: 1 sec/1 failure

Causes the target's brain to be jolted by a minor electrical shock whose phase is in opposition to the synaptic network communication causing the target to be stunned.


Eye Spy


DURATION: 30sec/level  Maximum duration: 10 minutes

One of the caster's eyes grows tiny batlike wings and is able to fly away from the caster. The caster has complete control over the eye and will be able to see through it. The eye is controlled similarly to the familiar (wizard base, level 20) spell. If the eye is not in the same room with the caster when the spell's duration expires, the caster will lose the eye and take 3 to 30 points of damage.

The flying eye is, in reality, an illusion, and therefore cannot be attacked, webbed, affected by cloud spells, etc. Its movements, though, are restricted to what it can see. It cannot go through closed doors, or other areas where vision is limited.


Pain Infliction


DURATION: 30sec/5 failure

Target takes 25% of its remaining health points (i.e, those not already taken); these points are healed when the duration is up, provided the target has not died.

NOTE: Casting this spell multiple times on a target has no effect.




A minor quake is caused in the caster's location, and all adjacent rooms. Everyone in the area of effect must make a moderate saving roll to remain standing. Note that the effect is actually an illusion, the disruption is not in the ground but in the minds of everyone in the area of effect. As such no structural damage will result and the caster is completely immune to the effect.

NOTE: Attacking a fallen opponent lowers their AS and DS by 50. This is an easy way to get a big advantage over an opponent. This spell is more likely to cause victims to fall down than the wizard base Tremors spell.


Energy Maelstrom


DURATION: variable

The caster summons dark energy to swirl around him or her, creating a storm which will blast through everyone and everything in the room. A most potent spell which can be very dangerous to bystanders.


Limb Disruption


A most painful spell, this will cause one of the target's limbs to explode and fall to the ground.


Throes of Pain


This works as 708 Pain Infliction, except the loss of health points is not temporary. This spell is cumulative




DURATION: 1 sec/1 failure, Maximum 90 seconds.

Each person and creature has its own specific worst nightmare, which the sorcerer is able to summon with this spell. For most players, it will be a certain creature which will suddenly shimmer into view and begin to battle them. Just as one cannot battle their nightmares, the target will be unable to battle this creature. It will seem to them as if every second they are about to die in some hideous manner.


The spell may not begin until a few seconds after it has been cast in order for the illusion to develop.


The unfortunate player or creature affected by this spell will often be stunned, fall to the ground, scream in fright, beg for mercy, and sometimes take damage.


Life Burst


DURATION: variable

Each living creature has its own life force. The Life Burst spell attacks the life force of each creature, using it against them to tear at their body. This spell will not only drain the target of its spirit health, but will also damage it physically.


Undead creatures are immune to this spell.




DURATION: variable

Curses tend to be specific to the caster. Most sorcerers will have curses which will modify AS, DS, casting ability, spell warding ability, etc. The form of curse the caster has will never change.


This spell may be neutralized by the clerical spell 'Remove Curse'. As well, when this spell is cast upon items, it will curse them. Sorcerers may not curse holy items. 




DURATION: variable

This spell inflicts an extremely debilitating disease on the target based on how badly the spirit warding has failed. The disease will cause 1 point of damage for every 3 levels of the caster, plus 1 point for every 5 points the spirit warding was failed each round. The disease has a dissipation rate of 1.


Evil Eye


They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Certainly the target of this spell will believe this to be the case, as the sorcerer summons the power to instill fear to the very root of the target's being. Sometimes the target will run from the room, or freeze, unable to move because of fright. Other times, if the target is a player, s/he may not stop running from the caster until they reach the safety of town.


This spell has an interesting side ability - when coupled with the floating eye spell, the caster will be able to target creatures and players in the room with him or her, or in the room with the sorcerer's floating eye (although the power of the spell diminishes when cast remotely).




DURATION: variable

This spell will last for as long as the caster is able to concentrate on it. Each round that it is maintained, the target must make a Spirit warding. If the target fails the spirit warding, it takes damage in relation to how much it failed by. However, if it successfully makes its spirit warding, the caster must then make an spirit warding roll, or suffer up to 25% of his/her total health points in damage, but may still be able to maintain the spell.

Examples of things which might break the caster's concentration would be: movement, being attacked, being stunned by the recoil of this spell, etc. Sometimes when the caster loses control of the force active in this spell, it will remain sensing that either the caster or the target is near death and hoping one last attack on one or both will finish them off, much to its delight, whatever 'it' is.

Often times this spell will not end until either the caster or the target is dead.


Dark Catalyst


Targets of this spell will have their magical energy, be it elemental or spiritual, ripped from them and converted into raw force which will damage them in the form of heat, cold, and/or electricity. The amount of damage taken is dependent on the target's current amount of magical power and the failure of their spirit warding. Targets with little magical energy will not be significantly affected by this spell.

Part of the magical energy drained from the target is transferred directly to the sorcerer - the amount the sorcerer receives is dependent on the amount taken, as well as his/her Mana Transfer skill.




This spell will destroy _all_ the air around the target(s) in a specific area, subjecting them to 'vacuum' injuries. As the air rushes back into the area (a second later), the target(s) will not only be subjected to the force of the returning air, but as well it is likely light objects will fly at them from the room in which it was cast, as well as adjoining rooms, potentially striking them and doing added damage. This spell can be truly devastating.


Demonic Summoning


DURATION: variable

This spell will allow the caster to summon specific, unique demons to (hopefully) do the caster's bidding.

Woe to the caster who loses control of this type of demon. The immediate effects would most likely include something extremely unpleasant.

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