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Lady Penstar's Reverse Verb List


Have you ever wondered, as I have, how to express yourself in action, but not been able to recall the verb to do it?


Penstar rolls her eyes as she pulls a manuscript from her pocket.


So I put together this little list of actions that you may wish to take, and what must be entered to perform that act. My list doesn't include actions that cannot be seen by others. If you wish that sort of list, there is one most fine by the Ladies Chrysandra and Falya in the Coven Library. And a lovely new list (if incredibly lengthy) by my sister Eratika.

Penstar smiles at you and pats the branch next to her.

Sit down by me and take a look at what I have learned.


1/6 - At last! People now can LISTEN when we talk, howl, gibber and so on. Thank you Cattriona for alerting me to this new development. At the urging of my coven sisters, Eratika and Aelpheba, I have filled in a few, alright maybe more than a few, missing verbs. Most of them are profession or race specific or pertain to actions not really involved in roleplaying. But I am sure I am a better person for having done this.

7/7 - I was GREETed this morning in front of the Kiramon mines by Blizzrd. Just before he ran off to greet all the Isle, he shared his secret with me. And if you feel the urge, and I assure you I never have, you can GRUNT. Dwarves can GRUNT in endless ways, which I do not detail here.

5/15 - May brings the festival of Oleani. I have quickly mapped the grounds. Perhaps this will help you find your way to all the wondrous sights and events! Don't miss LadyPenstar's Rough Guide to the Festival events. April brought a wedding. I married my countryman, Lord Mhegred Behlen and now am learning firsthand what all the marriage verbs are. I have decided against updating the list, because it truly is so much fun to discover them first hand! If you must must must know, you can write to me. Now go frolic!

1/11 - A new year, and fresh beginnings. The gods taught us to DISMISS disks, people, items, and even ourselves! The Table verbs have lots of new additions, thanks to Lady Kelista's sharp eye. I have started 2 new specialty lists to add to the House and Table verbs. The Marriage list contains those actions that spouses who have been married in the Cathedral can do. I hear there are lots of them, and being single again, I need your help to tell me what they are. I plan to start work on a list of things to do while you are dead. And I have received several requests for dancing lessons, so look for a list of those as well.



Add a chunk of dry firewood to the <heatsource's> stockpile of fuel.- STOCK <heatsource> (subsequent times)

Admire yourself - WEIGH <YOURSELF>

Appear to be checking your pockets but find them empty - WEALTH (when you don't have money)

Appear to be lost in thought - THINK TO <YOURSELF>

Appear to be waiting for something - WAIT

Applaud - CLAP or CHEER

Ask "<message>"? - '<MESSAGE>?

As you glance at <person>, you notice a faint twitch near your eye - TWITCH <PERSON>

Attempt to hug <person>, but end up just running into them - HUG <PERSON> (if you have no arms)

Ask the <merchant> to appraise an <item> - APPRAISE <ITEM>

Ask the <merchant> if he would like to buy an <item> - SELL <ITEM>


Babble something unintelligibly - BABBLE

Bash forearms with <warrior> in greeting - GREET <WARRIOR> (warrior only)

Bash <item> with <object> - BATTER or BASH <ITEM> (warrior only)

Beam - BEAM

Beam happily at <person> - BEAM <PERSON>

Beat <person> severely - PUNISH <PERSON>

Begin carving relentlessly into your own flesh to remove your <burning flame> tattoo! - REMOVE <>TATTOO

Begin to do your best to mend <person>'s wounded <bodypart> - TEND <PERSON> <BODYPART>

Begin to meticulously examine a <box> - DISARM <BOX>

Begin to twitch - TWITCH

Bend slightly and slap <person> up'side the head! - SLAP <PERSON>

Belt out <message> - YELL <MESSAGE>

Bite <person> - EAT <PERSON>

Bite your lip - SMOOCH <YOURSELF>

Blink - BLINK

Blink at <person> - BLINK <PERSON>

Blush a nice shade of off-pink - BLUSH

Blush and babble a few incoherent words, looking sincerely flustered - FLUSTER

Bounces around happily - BOUNCE

Bounce up and down in your chair, ... - BOUNCE (sitting at a table)

Bow - BOW

Bow to <person> - BOW <PERSON>

Bury your face in your hands - COVER <YOURSELF> (with no shield in hand)

Burst into tears - CRY


Cackle - CACKLE

Carefully diagnoses your injuries - DIAGNOSE <PERSON> FULL

Carefully examine your <item> - WEIGH <ITEM>

Chants - CHANT

Chatter to yourself, apparently engaged in a spirited debate with your alter ego - DISMISS <YOURSELF>

Check your footing - GAZE DOWN

Chuckle - CHUCKLE

Chuckle at <person> - CHUCKLE <PERSON>

Clasp forearm with <bard> in greeting - GREET <RANGER> (warrior only)


Clasp your hand over your mouth - COVER MY MOUTH

Clear your throat - SCREAM <YOURSELF>

Clench your fist - CLENCH FIST

Clench your fist and glance over at <person> - CLENCH FIST <PERSON>

Clench your jaw - CLENCH JAW

Climbs up the <mountain or other slope> - CLIMB <MOUNT>

Climb up on the table and perform a wild, stomping etc. dance - DANCE (at a private table)

Climb off the <bed> - SIT (from standing on the bed)

Close the <object> - CLOSE <object>

Close the door to a <private home> - CLOSE <PRIVATE HOME>

Cock your head - TILT MY HEAD

Cock your head and examine <worn item> - TILT <WORN ITEM>

Cock your head at <person> - TILT <PERSON>

Come out of hiding - UNHIDE

Concentrate and your <body part> looks better - CURE <BODY PART> (empaths only)

Continue to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance - PRAY (in a kneeling position)

Cough - COUGH

Cover your ears - COVER MY EARS

Cover your eyes with your hands - COVER MY EYES

Cover your nose tightly - COVER MY NOSE

Cower - COWER

Cower away from <item> - COWER <ITEM>

Crack your knuckles - PINCH

Crawl - CRAWL (only in a few locations)

Crawl underneath a table and hide - HIDE (at a private table)

Cringe - CRINGE

Cross your eyes - GAWK <YOURSELF>

Cross your fingers and knock on the wooden table three times... - KNOCK TABLE

Crouch and stare at a wall - JUMP WALL (in houses)

Curtsy - CURTSY

Curtsy to <person> - CURTSY <PERSON>


Dance around the room to music only you can hear - DANCE

Dance <person> lightly across the floor - DANCE <PERSON> (at a special dancing area)

Decay into compost - DEPART (when dead)

Decline the offer - DECLINE

Dig - DIG

Dip your partner dramatically - POKE <PERSON> (in dance area)

Double over and kneel - TWITCH (if you have uncontrollable convulsions)

Draw <person> into a graceful dance - DANCE <PERSON> (at a special dancing area)

Draws you closer - HUG <PERSON> (in dance area)

Drool - DROOL

Drop <item> - DROP <ITEM> or PUT

Duck behind your shield - COVER <YOURSELF> (with shield in your hand)l

Duck slightly and cover your head with your arms - COVER MY HEAD

Duck your head - DUCK


Edge a little closer to <item> - NUDGE <ITEM>

Examine my fingernails - GAZE MY HAND

Examine the <weapon/shield/armor> closely - EXAMINE <WEAPON/SHIELD/ARMOR>

Exclain, "<message>!" - '<MESSAGE>!


Face <person> and shriek at the top of your lungs.- SHRIEK <PERSON>

Face <person>, close your eyes and begin chanting. - SEND <#> <PERSON>

Face turns slightly pale - PALE or BLANCH

Faint, falling face-first onto the table with a hearty smack! - SWOON (at a table)

Fall down on the <bed> - FALL (from standing on <bed>)

Fall off the <table> - FALL (from standing on <table>)

Fall over - FALL

Fall to the ground laughing hysterically - ROLL LAUGH (from a standing position)

Fall to your knees beside the body of <dead person> and wail mournfully! - WAIL <DEAD PERSON> (from a standing position)

Fan yourself - WAVE <YOURSELF>

Fidget - FIDGET

Find a clear spot on the floor and lie down - LIE (standing at a private table)

Flail your arms about - FLAIL

Flail about on the ground, screaming like a mad(wo)man - BERSERK <YOURSELF> (from a lying down position)

Flap your legs around like a playful mer(wo)man - KICK WATER

Flinch - FLINCH

Fling yourself against <person>, bounce off of him, and giggle madly! - BOUNCE <PERSON>

Fling yourself on the body of <dead person>, wailing mournfully - WAIL <DEAD PERSON> (from kneeling position>

Forage around briefly but don't seem to find anything - FORAGE <HERB>

Force <person>'s mouth open, and pour in a small amount from your flask - POUR FLASK INTO <PERSON>

For no apparent reason, you fling yourself at the ground.- BOUNCE <YOURSELF>

Frown - FROWN

Frown at <person> - FROWN <PERSON>

Furrow your brow - FURROW BROW


Gawk at <person> - GAWK <PERSON>

Gaze fondly at <person> - GAZE <PERSON OF THE OPPOSITE SEX>

Gaze heavenward - GAZE UP

Gaze in awe at <person> - GAZE <PERSON OF THE SAME SEX>

Gaze in wonder at your surroundings - GAZE

Gaze with interest at <item> - GAZE <ITEM IN FULL VIEW>

Gently roll the lifeless body of <dead person> over - ROLL <DEAD PERSON>

Gesture - CAST

Gesture and utter a phrase of magic - PREP <SPELL #>

Gestures at <item> <person> - CAST AT <ITEM> <PERSON>

Get off the bed on which you were kneeling - STAND (from a kneeling position on bed)

Get out of the chair and lie down on the floor - LIE (sitting at a private table)

Get an odd look on your face for a moment - SENSE (non-wizards)

Ghostly laughter echoes through the room - Laugh (while dead)

Gibber incoherently - GIBBER

Giggle - GIGGLE

Give a ghostly chuckle - CHUCKLE (while dead)

Give a keening cry - CRY (while dead)

Give a sigh of <adverb, like relief> - SIGH AT <ADVERB>

Give <person> a good pinch - PINCH <PERSON>

Give <person> a playful nudge - NUDGE <PERSON>

Give <person> a smooch- SMOOCH <PERSON>

Give <person> some silvers which they quickly pocket - GIVE <PERSON> <#>

Glance at <person/item> - GLANCE <PERSON/ITEM>

Glance at <person> and begin to wail - WAIL <PERSON>

Glance at <person> and pace back and forth - PACE <PERSON>

Glance at <person> and wince - WINCE <PERSON>

Glance at <person> bashfully, blush, and mumble a few words, plainly embarrassed - FLUSTER <PERSON>

Glance at <person>, others notice a faint twitch near your eye - TWITCH <PERSON>

Glance at <person> with a concerned expression, checking for injuries - DIAGNOSE <PERSON>

Glance at something inside your <container> - GLANCE <OBJECT> IN <CONTAINER>

Glare - GLARE

Glare at <person> - GLARE <PERSON>

Grab <person/item> and drag it <direction> with you - DRAG <PERSON/ITEM> <DIRECTION>

Greet <bard> with a grin - GREET <BARD> (warrior only)

Grin - GRIN

Grit your teeth - CLENCH TEETH

Growl ferociously - GROWL

Gulp - GULP

Grumble - GRUMBLE

Grunt - GRUNT

Groan- GROAN

Groan at <person>- GROAN (AT) <PERSON>


Hang your head - GAZE MY FEET

Has a word with the teller - Banking verbs including CHECK BALANCE, DEPOSIT <# or note>, WITHDRAW <#>, or WITHDRAW <#> NOTE

Has declined the offer - DECLINE

Haul off and slap <person> up'side the head - SLAP <PERSON>

Have a pained expression on your face - GRIMACE

Hear something shuffling beneath the table. Suddenly, the table begins to bounce wildly, upsetting all the items stacked upon it! Earthquake!!! - BOUNCE (when hiding under a table)

Hefts the <item > a few times, getting a feel for it - ASSESS <ITEM>

Heft your find in the air for all to see - RAISE <chest>

Hiccup - HICCUP

Hits the water with a spectacular belly flop - HIT WATER

Hold up your hand and tilt it in a so-so gesture - TILT MY HAND

Howl - HOWL

Howl in frustration at your nonliving state! - HOWL (while dead)

Hug <person or item> - HUG <PERSON/ITEM/YOURSELF>

Hurls himself at <person> - TACKLE <PERSON>


Idly pick at an <item> - PINCH <ITEM>

Idly scratch yourself on the neck - SCRATCH NECK

Indicate your <item> with a smile - TOUCH <ITEM>

Inexplicably, you fling yourself at an <item> - BOUNCE <ITEM>


Jaw drops - GAWK

Jump up and down like a 12 year old - JUMP or LEAP

Jump up and down on the <bed> - JUMP <BED> (from on the bed)

Jump up and down screaming like a madman - BERSERK <PERSON>

Join <person's> group - JOIN <PERSON>

Just closed <item> - CLOSE <ITEM>

Just nudged <person> - NUDGE <PERSON>

Just opened <item> - OPEN <ITEM>

Just tried to kick the <item> - KICK <ITEM>


Kicks some dirt on the corpse of <dead person> - COVER <DEAD PERSON>

Kick your feet rapidly - KICK <PERSON> (in some waters)

Kiss <person> - KISS <PERSON>

Kiss <person> deeply - LICK <PERSON> (from a kneeling or lying down position)

Kiss <person> gently on the wrist - KISS <PERSON> WRIST

Kiss <person> gently on the inside of the elbow - KISS <PERSON> ELBOW

Kiss <person> on the cheek - KISS <PERSON> CHEEK

Kiss <person> on the ear - KISS <PERSON> EAR

Kiss <person> on the forehead - KISS <PERSON> FOREHEAD or HEAD

Kiss <person> on the hand - KISS <PERSON> HAND

Kiss <person> on the lips- KISS <PERSON> LIPS

Kiss <person> on the mouth - KISS <PERSON> MOUTH

Kiss <person> on the nose - KISS <PERSON> NOSE

Kiss <person> softly on the neck - KISS <PERSON> NECK

Kneel down - KNEEL

Kneel down and begin to meditate - MEDITATE

Kneel down and begin to pray - PRAY (from a standing position)

Kneel down on the <bed/rug/table> - KNEEL <BED/RUG/TABLE>

Knock on <person's> <home's> door - KNOCK <PERSON> <HOME>

Knock on <item/door> - KNOCK <ITEM/DOOR>


Latch a door -LATCH DOOR

Laugh - LAUGH

Lay head on partner's shoulder - PULL <MALE> (in dance area)

Lean against a long table - LEAN (at a private table)

Lean back - LEAN BACK

Lean back in your chair - LEAN BACK (at a private table)

Lean back a little too far in your chair and fall over backwards - FALL (from a chair)

Lean forward - LEAN FORWARD

Lean on <person/item> - LEAN <PERSON/ITEM

Leap on <person> and forces your head down under water - PUSH <PERSON> (in some water)

Lean towards the right/left slightly - LEAN RIGHT/LEFT

Lean your head down to touch your cheek to <female> as you dance - PULL <FEMALE> (in dance area)

Leap atop the <bed, table, rug> - JUMP or LEAP <BED/TABLE/RUG> (from no special spot)

Leap from <bed, table, rug> to <bed, table, rug> - JUMP or LEAP <TABLE, BED, RUG> (from <bed, table, rug>)

Leap to your feet! - JUMP or LEAP (sitting at private table)

Leave <person> group - LEAVE

Let out a noise like a wounded rolton - SNORT

Lick <dead person> - LICK <DEAD PERSON>

Lick <item> - LICK <ITEM>

Lie down - LIE

Lie down on the <bed> - LIE <BED>, LIE (if you are already on the bed)

Lift one end of the table, causing everything upon it to slide precariously to the other side! - TILT TABLE

Lift partner high in the air - PUSH <PERSON> (in dance area)

Lightly tap <person> on the shoulder - TAP <PERSON>

Lock the door - LOCK DOOR (inside home)

Lock the door to <person's> <home> - LOCK <PERSON> <HOME>

Look at <item> and shriek at the top of your lungs - SHRIEK <ITEM>

Look like you were about ready to punch <item/critter> - PUNCH <ITEM/CRITTER>

Look over at <person> and shake your head - SHAKE HEAD AT <PERSON>

Look thoughtful for a minute then shrug - PROCRASTINATE

Look very far away for a moment, a wistful expression on your face - WISH <WHATEVER>


Make a rude suggestion and get a firm punch for it - LICK <PERSON> or PET <PERSON>

Meditate over <person> - TRANSFER <PERSON> <AREA/ANY>

Mime raising a glass and give a toast to <person's> health - SALUTE <PERSON AT TABLE>

Mime raising a glass and give a toast to your health - SALUTE YOURSELF (at a private table)

Moan - MOAN

Move away from the <bed/table> on which you were leaning - STAND <BED/TABLE> (from leaning position)

Move to stand in front of <person> - COVER <PERSON> (while standing)

Move to the wooden desk to get your key from the proprietor - CHECK IN (at a training inn)

Mumble a few quick words of blessing for your meal - PRAY (at a table)

Mumble a quick prayer - PRAY

Mumble something that you don't quite catch - MUMBLE

Mutter under your breath - MUTTER

Mutter about <whatever> - MUTTER ABOUT <WHATEVER> (no spaces can be in the whatever part)


Narrow your eyes - SQUINT <YOURSELF>

Nod - NOD

Nod curtly to <sorcerer/wizard> - GREET <SORCERER/WIZARD> (warrior only)

Nod to <person> - NOD <PERSON>

Nod to <person> in greeting - GREET <PERSON>

Nod warily to <rogue> - GREET <ROGUE> (warrior only)

Notice <person> botch an attempt to conceal himself - HIDE (when botched)

Notice a vein pulsing in your forehead - THUMP


Offer <person> an <item> - GIVE <PERSON> (right hand) or GIVE <ITEM> TO <PERSON>

Offers you his <item> for <#> - EXCHANGE <ITEM> WITH <PERSON> FOR <#>

Open <item> - OPEN <ITEM>

Open the door to <person's> <home> - OPEN <PERSON> <HOME>


Pace back and forth - PACE

Pace back and forth, muttering something about <your words here> - PACE <your word here>

Pained expression crosses your face - GRIMACE

Pant - PANT

Parries with a <critter> a bit - AMBUSH <CRITTER> (when unsuccessful)

Peer quizzically at <person> - PEER <PERSON>

Peer in <person's> <home> window - PEER <PERSON> <HOME>

Perform a graceful water ballet - DANCE ( in some of the waters in Elanthia)

Pet the <animal> - PET <ANIMAL>

Pet <sleeping person> - PET <SLEEPING PERSON>

Pick up an <item> - GET <ITEM>

Pick up a piece of broken pottery and a bundle of dried grasses from beside a <heatsource>, and use them to clean the ashes and coals from its bottom into a worn-out backpack - CLEAN <HEATSOURCE>

Pick up a tinderbox from beside the <heatsource> - LIGHT <HEATSOURCE> (when firewood is not stocked)

Pick yourself up off the floor and seat yourself at the table - SIT (from lying on floor at private table)

Pinch yourself - PINCH <YOURSELF>

Pinch your tattoo - PINCH TATTOO

Place your hand on your <item> - COVER <ITEM>

Place your hand over your heart - COVER MY HEART

Playfully swats the water, splashing <person> - SPLASH <PERSON>

Playfully swats at the water - SPLASH WATER

Plop yourself down on a chair - SIT (at a private table)

Poke <person/item/dead person> - POKE <PERSON/ITEM/DEAD PERSON>

Point at <person/item> - POINT <PERSON/ITEM>

Point at yourself - POINT <YOURSELF>

Point <direction> - POINT <DIRECTION>

Point up/down - POINT UP/DOWN

Pound your fist upon the long table - PUNCH TABLE

Pour a small amount of liquid from your <item> on the floor - POUR <ITEM>

Pour <item> on <person> - POUR <ITEM> ON <PERSON>

Pout - POUT

Pull <item> - PULL <ITEM>

Pull <person> to their feet - PULL <NON-STANDING PERSON>

Push <item> - PUSH <ITEM>

Push yourself away from the <bed, wall, table, door> and onto your feet - STAND (from leaning position)

Push yourself back from the wooden table and pat your belly - PUSH TABLE

Put a finger to your lips - TOUCH <YOURSELF>

Put <item> in <item> - PUT <ITEM> IN <ITEM>



Raise your eyebrows - RAISE EYE

Raise your eyebrows at <person> - RAISE EYE <PERSON>

Raise your fist defiantly - RAISE FIST

Raise your hand - RAISE HAND

Raise your <beverage> in a toast - RAISE HAND (with a beverage in it)

Raise your <item> skyward - RAISE <ITEM>

Raise your scroll and gesture - INVOKE <#>

Raise your <weapon> in triumph - RAISE <WEAPON>

Rattle the handle of the door - LOCK or OPEN <HOME> (when door is locked)

Reach down and scratch your foot - SCRATCH FOOT

Reach inside your <torso covering> and scratch yourself under your arm - SCRATCH <YOURSELF> (when wearing torso covering)

Reach out and hold <person's> hand - HOLD HAND <PERSON OF SAME SEX>

Recite: - RECITE (use semi-colons to separate lines)

Remove <item> - REMOVE <ITEM>

Remove an <item >from <container> - GET <ITEM IN CONTAINER>

Roll around on the ground - ROLL (from a lying down position)

Roll <person> over - ROLL <PERSON> (when they are lying down)

Roll your eyes - ROLL EYE

Roll around on the ground laughing hysterically - ROLL LAUGH (from a lying down position)

Rub <item> - RUB <ITEM>

Roll off the <bed> and onto your feet - STAND (from lying position)

Roll over on the bed - LIE <BED> (while already lying on the bed)

Rub <person> gently - RUB <PERSON>

Rub your chin thoughtfully - THINK

Rub your eyes - THUMP <YOURSELF>

Rummage around in your pockets - WEALTH (when you have silvers)


Say <message> - '<MESSAGE>

Scoot over in front of <person> - COVER <PERSON> (while sitting)

Scowl - SCOWL

Scowl at <person/item> - SCOWL <PERSON/ITEM>

Scratch futilely at <dead person>'s corpse - SCRATCH <DEAD PERSON>

Scratch <person>'s back - SCRATCH <PERSON IN YOUR GROUP>

Scratch under your arm - SCRATCH <YOURSELF>

Scratch your fingernails at <person> - SCRATCH <PERSON NOT IN YOUR GROUP>

Scratch yourself idly - SCRATCH

Scratch your <beard, nose, chin, ear, arm, back, head> - SCRATCH <BEARD, NOSE, CHIN, EAR, ARM, BACK, HEAD>

Scratch your back against the <bed, wall, table, door> - LEAN <BED, WALL, TABLE, DOOR> (from leaning position)

Scoff - SCOFF

Scoff at <person> - SCOFF <PERSON>

Scowl - SCOWL

Scream - SCREAM

Scoot your chair back and stand up - STAND (private table)

Scoot over in front of <person> - COVER <PERSON> (from seated position)

Scoot over to the <bed, wall, table, door> and lean against it - LEAN <BED, WALL, TABLE, DOOR> (from seated position)

Search around - SEARCH

Search <critter> - Search <CRITTER>

See <person> try to tiptoe silently away- SNEAK

Seem to be trying to conceal an <item on ground> - COVER <ITEM ON GROUND>

Seem to be trying to figure out how to turn <item> - TURN <ITEM>

Settle into the difficult task of picking the lock on a <box> - PICK MY <BOX> WITH MY LOCK

Shake hands with <person> - SHAKE HANDS WITH <PERSON>

Shift their eyes towards you - GAZE <person> (only works when sorcerers gaze)

Shift your legs to sit on the <bed/rug/table> - SIT <BED/RUG/TABLE>, or SIT (from on the <bed/rug/table>)

Shift your weight - LEAN

Shiver - SHIVER

Show <item> to <person> - SHOW <ITEM> TO <PERSON>

Shove futilely at <person> - ROLL <STANDING OR SITTING PERSON>

Shriek- SHRIEK

Shrinks fearfully away from <person> - COWER <PERSON>

Shrug - SHRUG

Shudder - SHUDDER

Shuffle your feet - SHUFFLE

Sigh - SIGH

Sigh <adverb> - SIGH <ADVERB> (like sigh contentedly)

Sing: <song> - SING <song> (use semi-colons to separate lines. Also Bards use this to cast spells)

Sit down - SIT

Sit down on the <bed/rug/table> - SIT <BED/RUG/TABLE> (when not already on it)

Sit up on the <bed> - SIT (from laying position on <bed>


Slap yourself on the forehead - SLAP <YOURSELF>

Slide over to <person> and cuddle him in your arms - CUDDLE (must be joined to that person and not standing)

Smack your lips - SMOOCH

Smell <person> - SMELL <PERSON>

Smile - SMILE

Smile at <person/item> - SMILE <PERSON/ITEM>

Smile and nod to <CLERIC/EMPATH> in greeting - GREET <CLERIC/EMPATH> (warrior only)

Smile <and whatever words> - SMILE <AND WHATEVER WORDS>

Smile quietly to yourself - SMILE <YOURSELF>

Smirk - SMIRK

Snap smartly to attention - SNAP ATTENTION

Snap your fingers - SNAP

Snarl - SNARL

Sneer - SNEER

Sneer at <person> - SNEER <PERSON>

Sneeze loudly - SNEEZE

Snicker - SNICKER

Sniff - SNIFF

Sniff at <person/item> - SNIFF <PERSON/ITEM> also SMELL <ITEM>

Snort - SNORT

Snort at <person> - SNORT <PERSON>

Snuggle up to <person> and rest your head on his shoulder - SNUGGLE <PERSON>

Sob - SOB

Splash around in the water - SPLASH

Splash around in the water, attempting to perform a water ballet - DANCE (in some waters)

Splutter - SPLUTTER

Squint - SQUINT

Squeak oddly - GRUNT (for halflings)

Squint at <item/person> - SQUINT <ITEM/PERSON>

Stack some of the stockpiled fuel from beside the <heatsource> into its bottom - STACK <HEATSOURCE>

Stand up - STAND

Stand in front of a long table - COVER TABLE (at a private table)

Stand in front of <person> - COVER <PERSON> (from standing position)

Stand upon the <bed/rug/table> - STAND <BED/RUG/TABLE> (while seated on same)

Stare off into space - STARE

Stare at <person/item> - STARE <PERSON/ITEM>

Start a stockpile of fuel next to the <heatsource> with a chunk of dry firewood - STOCK <HEATSOURCE> (first time)

Stretch - STRETCH

Step aside to have a word with the merchant - ORDER

Step onto the <bed, rug, table> - STAND <BED, RUG, TABLE)

Step off the <bed, rug, table> - STAND <BED, RUG, TABLE) (when on same)

Stick out your tongue - LICK

Stub your toe trying to kick the table - KICK TABLE (at a private table)

Survey the area - GAZE <ITEM IN YOUR BACKPACK>

Swing <person> out and then spin them right back in - SPIN <PERSON> (in dance area)

Swing <person> out and holding her hand high, gracefully twirl her - NUDGE <PERSON> (in dance area)

Swim a frew brisk refreshing laps - SWIM

Swim closer to <person> - SWIM <PERSON>

Swoon - SWOON


Take a bite of <food item> - EAT <FOOD ITEM>

Take a drink from your <beverage> - DRINK <BEVERAGE>

Take the <item>, gives it a careful examination and hands you some silver for it - SELL <ITEM>

Tap <item> - TAP <ITEM>

Tap <person> lightly on the shoulder - TAP <PERSON>

Tap yourself on the chest - TAP <YOURSELF>

Tap your foot impatiently - TAP

Thrash around on the floor - FLAIL (from the lying down position)

Throw a glorious temper tantrum - KICK <PERSON> (from lying down position)

Throw back your head and howl - HOWL

Thump <person> -THUMP <PERSON>

Tickle <person> - TICKLE <PERSON>

Tighten your grip on <object in right hand> - CLENCH FIST

Tighten your grip on <object in right hand> and glance over at <person> - CLENCH FIST <PERSON>

Tightly flex your muscles and display a tattoo on your <bodypart>- CLENCH TATTOO

Tilt your head back - TILT <YOURSELF>

Tilt your <item in hand> from side to side - TILT <ITEM IN HAND>

Touch one finger to your lips - TOUCH <YOURSELF>

Touch <person> - TOUCH or PET <PERSON>

Toss a coin up in the air and catch it deftly with the other hand - TOSS COIN


Toss your <gem or coin> into the water and then seem to concentrate very hard on something for a moment - WISH <WHATEVER> (at a wishing well)

Trace the lines of your tattoo - TOUCH TATTOO

Turn an inquisitive ear to <person> - LISTEN <PERSON>

Turn towards <person/body of dead person> and render a sharp hand salute - SALUTE <PERSON/dead person> (hands empty)

Turn towards <person/body of dead person> and render a sharp hand salute with <item in right hand> - SALUTE <PERSON/DEAD PERSON> (with item in right hand)

Try to eat your <inedible object> - EAT <OBJECT>

Try to kick the table - KICK TABLE (at a private table)

Try to pull <item> - PULL <ITEM>

Try to pull <person> to their feet - PULL <NON-STANDING PERSON>

Try to pull <person> towards you - PULL <STANDING PERSON>


Unlatch a door- UNLATCH DOOR

Unlock the door to <person's> <home> - UNLOCK <PERSON> <HOME>

Unsettling groan comes from the spirit of <dead person> - GROAN (while dead)

Unwrap your bandages - UNWRAP <BODY PART>

Using a tinderbox from beside the <heatsource>, you light the fuel on its bottom - LIGHT <HEATSOURCE>

Using a jagged, broken longsword from beside the small firepit, you pull aside the remaining wood and stir up the coals at its bottom - STOKE <HEATSOURCE>



Wail - WAIL

Wail eerily - WAIL (while dead)

Waggle your fingers at an <item> - WAGGLE <ITEM>

Waggle your fingers mystically at <dead person> but he remains significantly exempt from the ranks of the living - WAGGLE <DEAD PERSON>

Waggle your fingers mystically at <stunned person>, but he doesn't come around - WAGGLE <STUNNED PERSON>

Waggle your fingers mystically at <person>. How nice - WAGGLE <PERSON>

Waggle your fingers mystically. Ooh...impressive - WAGGLE <YOURSELF>

Walk over and kick <person> in the shin - KICK <PERSON>

Walk over and punch <person> - PUNCH <PERSON>

Walk over to the <bed, wall, table, door> and lean against it - LEAN <BED, WALL, TABLE, DOOR> (from standing position)

Walk over to the <bed, wall, table, door> on your knees and lean against it - LEAN <BED, WALL, TABLE, DOOR> (from kneeling position)

Walk through the door of <person's> <home> - GO <PERSON> <HOME>

Wave - WAVE

Wave a hand at <item>, dismissing it indifferently - DISMISS <ITEM>

Wave a hand at <person>, dismissing him indifferently - DISMISS <PERSON>

Wave at <person> - WAVE <PERSON>

Waves at <person> and invite them to sit at your table - INVITE <PERSON>

Wave your hand in a dismissive gesture - DISMISS

Whimper - WHIMPER

Whine - WHINE

Whistle a complicated ditty - WHISTLE (if you are a bard)

Whistle tunelessly - WHISTLE (if you aren't a bard)

Wince - WINCE

Wink - WINK

Wink at <person> - WINK <PERSON>

Wipe the sweat from your brow - SALUTE <YOURSELF>

Work your fingers under your <head covering> and scratch your head - SCRATCH HEAD (while wearing head covered)

Work your way into <armor> - WEAR <ARMOR>

Wring your hands - HOLD <YOURSELF> or SWAP (with empty hands)

Wrinkle your nose - GAZE <YOURSELF>



Yawn - YAWN


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