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  The grey wolf froze in her tracks as her keen ears picked up a sound.... a cry like not unlike one of her own cubs in distress and she moved towards its origin cautiously. Peering over the craggy rocks she looked at the bodies of two dark elves slain not from her kind but from some creature that inhabited these wild woods.  Nearing the bodies she paused sniffing the wind making sure of her safety she moved toward the sound pawing at the backpack still held protectively in the slain woman's cold arms and the squall of the infant inside brought forth her maternal instincts and she grabbed the infant in her teeth gently padding quickly thru the crusty snow into the deepening twilight toward her own hungry cubs...

  The huge black wolf watched the night for his mate wondering what could be keeping her from her brood and beginning to pace nervously. His tale wagged in relief as she rounded the rocky trail toward thier den until as his senses came into play and he realized she carried a dark elven infant in her teeth and his back bristled warily...

  Communicating telepathically and with a body language that was known only to the wolves he voiced his displeasure at her foundling, but she... as most well loved mates knew that with a little conjoling and alot of ignoring this new "cub" would be accepted within a fortnight.

  True to her instincts the elven child grew quickly with her own cubs and became strong, kind and loyal as all of her clan were so inclined. The she-wolf knowing that the child must learn the ways of the "human" world as well as her own dropped the child as a chubby toddler at the old sorceror's cottage who lived deep in thier woods and he being familiar with the wolves questioned not the where or why's but took the child in every night as the shadows deepened and taught him languages and the ways of magick...

  And as the years passed by the child grew in mind and body, Spending days with his wolf clan and learning wood lore and agility and strength... By night he poured over dusty old tomes and scrolls...taught by an ancient and powerful sorceror whose name had been lost in antiquity and he only knew as "Sire".

  As he neared the age of acension both his adoptive parents and his mentors pushed him towards civilization to learn more of the ways of the world. And so the young man headed toward the large city that was called Wehnimers Landing. Alone and unprepared for the rudeness and crowds that this city held he returned to his woods after only several weeks in the foul stench of "humanity" but his hair rose up on his back as he approached his den... and he fell to his knees crooning as he viewed the slain bodies of his clan, along with the remains of a few unlucky dark elves who had not survived the defending attack of his brethren. He knelt down and took the lifeless body of his precious mother into his arm and looked over toward the rest of his family many skinned and raised his tear wet face toward the sliver'ed moon with a mournful howl of the truely alone.

  That night was spent burying his family the dark elves that had done such a foul deed left to rot and carrion. The next day he headed for his mentor's cottage but as he rounded the shadowed lane only the burnt remains of the small residence remained and no clue to the whereabouts of his belove'd "Sire" remained.. With an arcane movement of his hand he called forth the powers that the old sorceror had given him and magick swirled around the ruins taking the ashes up and away in a violent wind until nothing laid behind to show of the cottage's existance.

  Goldbadz stood looking silently out over the empty clearing as he voiced a oath "I renounce my birthright! I am not dark elf for never could I trust such a people who murdered all that I loved" And he turned away from the familiar to live within the bounds of "humanity"...

  As the years passed, Goldbadz grew in power, silent and kind he befriended the weak and wrecked havoc on the evil and rude... In his travels he met a young human rogue Miramaune whose fresh faced innocence and guick smile stole his heart but as was his way he kept his growing love for her to himself until she had learned better the ways of her profession and he was sure she too felt the bond that was forming between them... Watching and caring over her in the quiet silence that characterized him he finally asked her to become his wife and with her joyful acceptance they married and on one of thier adventures together they helped rescue an injured dragon... The dragons' mate with great gratitude offered to share thier ancient castle with the two lovers and so lies the beginning of Dragon's Keep...

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