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  Ahead of you lies a myst rolling thick and heavy... the aura of magick lies close around you as your hair bristles with an emotion you dare not name... a sense of disquiet overtakes you and you travel on in spite of the overwelming urge to retrace your steps... Emerging from the myst an ancient castle looms ahead of you, its antiquity leaves you in awe and circling above its great and looming tower is a pair of dragons who stare down at you disdainfully making you feel as insignificant as you do awed and you move toward the darkened archway that leads you inside.

Welcome to Dragon's Keep. Forged in steel...bonded by magick and created in love, its inhabited by a rather benevolent pair of dragons who share their ancestral home with a powerful sorcerer and his rogue bride.... Come inside and share the stories and lore of Goldbadz and Miramaune and the tales of a strange and wonderful land called Elanthia...

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