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Keep's Shadow

Shadow Dweller

Miramaune Draqk

  A slightly bedraggled urchin with unkempt red curls moved silently in the lengthening shadows of the Landings nooks and alleyways. Ophaned and alone she learned early the ways of the rogue. Watching older rogues her quick mind and agile fingers kept her in silver and the occasional gem... hunting with discarded weapons and broken shields as she learned the ways of the rogue. As her dexterity and knowledge grew she followed some elders on the long and perilous trip to a much smaller and quieter town north of the Landing called Ice Mule Trace...

  The teenage rogue found this quiet hamlet the perfect canvas to perfect her roguish ways... Growing in mind and body the awkward child matured into a head-strong young woman who's nimble fingers and quick wit enchanted all who met her and she became adept at stalking and hiding and a quick study on opening all sorts of boxes and chests. The young lords of this small hamlet followed her about, her quiet beauty and ready laugh intoxicating them with her charm...

  As the tiny hamlet became too familiar for the now capable young rogue she ventured back to her birthplace Wehnimers Landing and their she joined a house called Silvergate.. Making friends easily and becoming more and more talented in the ways of the rogue she met a sorceror by the name of Goldbadz... his quiet ways and innate strength attracted and appealed to her but alais he seemed always a little distant and aloof although they became fast friends her heart longed for his but what would a dark elf want with a lowly human rogue and she pushed her love deep inside her, not wanting it to encumber their friendship.

  Goldbadz moved as was befitting his age to a small isle where ancient and fierce creatures lived to practice his considerable magick on them and she continue'd to grow in strength and knowledge herself, seeing Goldbadz only briefly on his visits to the Landing. Goldbadz unbeknown to her had lost his heart to the wild green-eyed rogue soon after they had met but he waited and watched letting her spread her wings and he bided his time til at last he could wait no longer and came to the Landing to claim what was his..

  Joyfully Miramaune being now of age to brave Teras Isle moved their to be with her love and they were married. Soon after they were married they in their travels ran across an injured dragon and braved its distress with great courage helped it to wellness. In gratitude the dragon and its mate share their ancient keep. It is there that you stand... Be at peace for magick and lore have weaved a tale beyond that of all others and now you are part of that story... For you have entered the Dragon's Keep.



The Wedding Log of the wedding of Miramaune and Goldbadz with their own vows ...beautiful and poetic worth the read...

Mustafo's Rogue page... Old and respected rogue, lots of good information especially for picking boxes

Miramaune's Shadowstalkers A basic guide to roguish ways

Tsoran's Page Lots of guides and excellent maps for GemStone III
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