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Miramaune's Shadowstalkers

A Basic guide to roguish ways and training

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In my opinion the one thing that sets the rogue apart from the other professions is his or her ability to ambush... Therefore it is important to train as much as possible in ambush and stalking and hiding as is allowed.

Of course one must be agile and your dexterity be as high as possible so make sure your reflexes and dex are high when you start out.. Your strength will increase fairly rapidly so if you need to put a lower value in this anything over 75 will do although you will feel a little inferior to the stronger rogues in the beginning... in the end all will even out..

I believe rogues do best trained in One handed edged weapons but it is of course up to your own feelings on this... Always train the maximum amount in Shield use and Weapon use every training.. Alternate Combat Manuevers with Armor training unless you can afford to do both each training...

No need to train more than once each training in physical training as it is a maxable skill... I alternate one climbing or swimming every training and I train once in first aid every level if I can afford too As some of the older creatures carry no coin but thier hides are worth a ransome..

Opening boxies... To me a rogue that can't open them is like a fish that can't swim but you may choose not to bother as most boxies now adays carry little in the way of treasure sorry to say... If you do decide to train in picking and disarming I'd triple til I was 10 trainings then double after that... And don't even bother buying a lockpick til your at least 6 trainings as you'll just be frustrated at your own inabilities or worse yet dead from a nasty trap... Of course if you plan on opening boxies then you must also train in Perception or you will not see those nasty traps the critters are so fond of giving us...

Picking Pockets.... I only steal from my friends in play but there are rogues who make a rather comfortable living delving deeply into the pockets of poor unsuspecting souls... Two comments on this. ONE if you do decide to actually steal be prepared for the consequences which include jail and death from a very angry victim. TWO if you do steal don't steal from empaths or cleric's as they keep you going and try and pick a profession that isn't as aware usually like wizards and sorcerors who don't spend alot of time training in Perception.  Don't steal from someone much older than you and a crowded room is better as your endeavors even if seen might be lost in the roar of the crowd...

Magick... very expensive for a rogue. If you have the inclination go ahead but don't neglect your bread and butter skills for a few spells.. Better if you have the mana to train in Mana Share and most professions will be glad to share thier spells with anyone that can send... The exception is if you want to concentrate on being an exceptional picker then get your spells in Minor Elemental thru traplore as you will find that both locklore and traplore will increase your abilities when self-cast to make it worthwhile....



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